24 Hours of Daytona/Chili Cook-off – at 12:30 pm – January 25

January 25-26 we will see the very first endurance race of the 2020! That’s right the 24 hours of Daytona is January 25-26. What better way to celebrate the kickoff of the racing season of 2020 than having a watch and chili party with BMWCCA of Iowa?

The last few years the chili party was held at MB2 and combined with with racing but this year we are going to try something a little bit different. While racing and chili are both great on their own, a belly full of chili and high g-forces tend not to mix very well. What does mix well with a belly full of chili is sitting on a couch and watching other people endure high g-forces for 24 hours at one of the worlds most famous tracks.

The location of this great idea will be at Chris and Alison’s house at 6090 Notthingham Dr. Johnston IA. There you will find a large TV on the main floor and large TV and stereo system in the basement both tuned to coverage of the race from the drop of the green flag until the checkered flag waves. People are welcome to start showing up 1 hour before the green flag drops (race start is 1:35pm EST)and are welcome to stay as late as they desire or even stay over watching the race. They are also encouraged to bring their famous chili to have other people be the judge of if their’s is better or not. This may or may not be a contest so everyone plan on bringing their A game of chili Saturday!

There will also be board games and other activities if you are dragged along with your significant other and don’t find racing that enjoyable to watch. We can all be wrong at something.

If you do plan on watching the race from the green to the checkered and would like to stay the entire time please let Chris and Alison know a head of time by emailing Chris at

We look forward to seeing everyone and kicking off 2020 with BMWCCA of Iowa right! Now lets all gather together and cheer for a BMW M8 GTE to win!

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