A Journal on European Delivery

(From the journal of Nehru Cheddie, who picked up his new M3 in Munich this fall. Read about his journey to Germany with wife Karisa below).

Well we were not a minute late to our check in for delivery. It took just a few minutes going over documents then signing papers, the process seemed overly easy.

In the Premium Lounge we helped ourselves to some pretty decent food and drink. I couldn’t resist not having a beer! All along Karisa, my wife, thought we were getting the car in Interlagos Blue which was her third choice behind Moonstone and Jerez Black. I said Moonstone was too expensive, but I ordered it for her anyway. I figured the car was on the floor, but I didn’t want Karisa to see it pre-delivery. So I snuck out to the balcony that overlooks the delivery floor and saw our M3 for the first time. Wow! The car looked amazing and Karisa did right on the color, no regrets.

Finally, we saw our name on the board and went out to meet Bernard, our delivery specialist. We casually walked down the stairs to see the car spinning under a spot light. All Karisa could say is ‘that’s not our car’. Bernard was perplexed, then I said ‘Surprise its Moonstone!’ and she was floored! I actually pulled it off, she was truly surprised! Bernard…truly confused!

Once we let Bernard in on the secret, he proceeded to go over the engineering highlights of the M3. He was fantastic going over everything technical about the car and even snapping a few pics for us with our camera.

After about an hour he said he had to prepare for his next delivery and told us to take our time. We attached the Go Pro camera to the roof and proceeded to do two “victory laps” around delivery floor. What a great feeling to finally be sitting in the car driving it for the first time around the Welt. An experience which every BMW enthusiast should experience at some point in their life.

Other highlights of the trip included a trip to south Germany to get a glimpse of the Bavarian Alps, several nights in the Black Forest and an overnight stop at the Nurburgring, my favorite stop. In Germany the roads were very scenic and very curvy. The views were spectacular! What a way to break in an M3!

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