BMW New Features and Advanced Driving Aids Tech Session – February 2

Nathan will provide information on what BMW calls Intelligent Safety features on the new models on the show floor, as well as a selection of used vehicles (potentially BMW and non-BMW, depending on what’s in the used inventory at the time).  These systems go by many names, generic and branded: Pedestrian Warning, Frontal Collision Warning, Lane Departure, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keeping Assistance, automatic braking, and others.

Many of these systems are very useful and/or safety-enhancing in street and highway driving, providing a large step up in vehicle technology.  A number of the systems can be modified to set the sensitivity or action to the driver’s preference, and Nathan will go through the options available.  In contrast to street use, those who want to take their cars out for high performance events will likely want to have some of the features deactivated at the time.  For our track instructors, this tech session will also cover how to see what features a student’s car is equipped with, and talk about how they may affect performance driving.

When we’ve had our fill on the technical side, we will maintain Iowa Chapter tradition of regrouping at a local watering hole afterward for lunch, libations, and camaraderie.    Watch for details on that in your email blasts and on our Facebook page if you’re just joining us for lunch, or come on over to BMW of Des Moines for the whole event.  (And bringing along a microfiber towel might just be worthwhile if the sight of all those new BMWs have triggered the response immortalized by Mr. Pavlov)!

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