Chaz Bormann of Charlotte IA


Chaz Bormann


Charlotte, IA

BMWs owned:

1989 Zinnoberrot 325i, 1987 Schwarz 325is (Swapped M50)

What made you decide to purchase your first BMW?

I was looking for my first car but I definitely wanted something that stood out. Being German, when I found BMW I felt a lot of pride for a car put at the benchmark of its class. You never really know how connected you can feel to the road until you have driven a BMW!

Do you have any fun stories about your car?

Probably my favorite thing is the response I get from friends after taking them for a spirited drive and they say, “Wow! This is such an old car, and it’s great!” (Already had one friend buy an e30 after driving mine).

What is your favorite BMW Club event and why?

The go-kart races in Delmar were awesome this year. I am really looking forward to some group drives and autocross, though.

Do you have a dream car?

One day I will own a Hennarot e30 M3. That is my dream car for sure.

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