Chili and video game social wrapup

Club members ransacked the streets of London, survived deathly motorcycle accidents and reached 200 mph on the Nürburgring. Of course, no one was hurt and no insurance premiums were raised. All of this happened virtually during the second annual chili and video game social on Dec. 1.

Over 20 people filled the Grimes Community Complex kitchen and lobby to explore video games of varying skills and specialties. The same applied to the chili in the kitchen. Members had white chicken chili, spicy chili and even chili with homemade chorizo. Racers tried the video games Mario Kart, Project Gotham 4, Forza 4 and Grand Torismo on five different TVs and a projector on the wall.

Next year, we are planning on projecting videos of club member’s racing videos on the wall. For example, Mike Myers has videos of his racing from LDDS to share. So, throughout the year be sure to submit those videos to the clubs. Visit the club website to see how to upload your videos directly to Youtube.

We are also going to consider the event our holiday party next year, so mark it on your calendars. The video game/chili/holiday social will be Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 at the same location, the Grimes Community Complex.

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