Chili cook-off and video game tech session

On Dec. 3 the club held a combination Chili cook-off and video game tech session at the Grimes Community Complex. There was quite the setup for video gaming – 3 Xbox360s, 1 Wii, 1 Playstation 2, 3 flat-panel TVs and a video projector , oh my!

The Grimes Community Complex made for a great venue for fitting all of this in to. Station 1 consisted of two Xbox360s networked together playing Project Gotham Racing 4. There, up to 4 people could race head-to-head on anything from a DeLorean, to a BMW motorcycle, to a McLaren F1. The physics were not real, but the fun was! Our most realistic experience was at station 2. A Playstation 2 was set up with Gran Turismo 4. Here, 2 players could go head-to-head racing in a very rich gaming environment, complete with a physical steering wheel and pedals. The BMW 2002tii was, of course, a popular choice for car. Station 3 had a Wii, where up to 4 people could play Mario Kart. Here the popular choice was the red shell. Take that Bowser, yah! Finally, at station 4, we had another Xbox360 playing Forza 4, projected on to an 8 foot wall. At this station, players could experience some of the most competitively raced tracks in the world, from Road America in Wisconsin, to the Nürburgring in Germany, all from the comfort of a couch on a rainy Saturday in Grimes, Iowa. There was usually someone in the room who had been to the track being raced, and hearing stories from them was an exciting addition to the experience.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and don’t forget the chili! Multiple pots were simmering all day, and made for a great tasting break from the fun. A special thanks to those who brought in their recipes. I enjoyed them all greatly.

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