Chris Kjellmark of Indianola, IA

Currently own a 2001 330i and a 2002 325ia touring sport wagon.

What made you decide to purchase your first BMW?

A co-worker had been buying them second hand for years. My wife (Kathy) wanted to get a Lincoln Town car and I talk her into a used 1991 BMW 525 ia and as they say “the rest is history”. She won’t drive anything else now.


Do you have any BMW stories or memories? (wrecks, flat tires, long trip to pick a car up, European delivery).

A good reason for keeping your copy Friends of BMW handy is in case you need references for service when you are out of town. Kathy and some girlfriends went on a road trip to South Dakota in the 525 and experienced some fuel pump issues. I was able to open up the friends of BMW and call someone I have never met and get referrals to some good mechanics close to the Badlands of South Dakota where she was staying. Luckily I didn’t have to use the information, but I really appreciated having someone in the area be that helpful to a stranger calling. Luckily a NAPA store worker suggested some Lucas fuel system treatment which helped clean up some bad gas and kept the fuel pump lubricated. A few months later the fuel pump finally gave up and I had to replace it.

All the rest of my stories have something to do with repairing vehicles. Like the time the wagons oil water separator clogged and forced oil up into the air filter box. Luckily it didn’t cause any engine damage. But of course it was winter, very cold and in an unheated garage. Moral of the story, when it is close to zero out and you go the car wash don’t leave the engine running to suck in all the water saturated air. Live and learn.

What is your favorite BMW Club event and why?

The LDDS driving school of course. The 2010 fall colors tour was great. Kathy and I really enjoyed northwestern Iowa and the folks who went. Beautiful scenery and great people always make for a memorable event.

Do you have a dream car?

I still have the 351 Cleveland four barrel engine from my 1971 Mercury Cougar on an engine stand in the garage (can you say ‘pack rat’). I want to rebuilt the engine and put it in a Factory Five Cobra Kit car. Short of that car a 69 Mach One Mustang would be nice! Too bad these are soooo expensive these days because everyone is collecting muscle cars now.

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