Craig Nelson of Ankeny, IA

What made you decide to purchase your first BMW?

It was the combination of price, gas mileage and overall car characteristics (BMW XiT wagon). We traded a Jeep Grand Cherokee in on it and really enjoyed taking it on trips.

Do you have any BMW stories or memories?

The item that probably amazes me more than anything is how many people that deal directly with Mini Coopers gather around ours just because it has the Works carbon fiber spoiler on it. Apparently not many are delivered with one, and it always seems to draw a crowd, even with the mechanics and sales staff.

What is your favorite BMW Club event and why?

As most members know, we tend to go for the social events, but have done a few rallies.

Do you have a dream car?

I tend to pick a car based upon what we will be using it for (daily driver, fuel miser, SUV, etc.) and how it stacks up against the rest of the manufacturers or product offerings at the time. I am not very manufacturer loyal. The manufacturer must earn my purchase every single time I buy. However, responding directly to the question while I have never driven one or even ridden in one, I love the looks of any Aston Martin so that would probably be my dream ride.

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