Registration Deadline June 22nd – East Meets West… But Where? Photo Rally: Saturday, June 26

It’s time for another photo rally! As we’re getting back into all forms of driving events this year, a fun drive with a bit of an optional mental challenge seemed like just the thing to have on the calendar.

Our Rallymaster team of Rick Talbot, Jeff Paxhia, Mike Benge, and Mike Williams have put together a new twist on the rallies we’ve done before. This time, we’ll have TWO starting points, one in central Iowa heading east toward our endpoint in Grinnell, and another starting in North Liberty heading west to the endpoint. Choose whichever route you prefer. The East and West groups will meet in Grinnell at the West Side Family Restaurant, where a meeting room is reserved for us. Over lunch we’ll compare results to see how successful the teams were in finding the rally items, and just possibly there will be a prize or two for the best finishers from each side of the rally. Plus, teams who are feeling particularly motivated are welcome to then run the other half of the rally before heading home on their own.

Since it’s been a couple years since our last photo rally, here’s a quick refresher: Teams are given a set of route instructions and a group of photos. (Teams are usually composed of a driver and a navigator, but you’re certainly allowed to drive it with just your favorite deity as your co-pilot!) The rallymasters have found some fun and scenic roads that you’ll traverse using those route instructions. The instructions do not have any tricks or traps, and are designed to make sure you can stay on the route easily. The photos show various sights and signs that you may encounter along the route. All you have to do is enter the point on the route where you found each item from the photo set into your answer blocks. No mileage-keeping or timing. You may make stops or detours as you desire, with the only stipulation that you have to arrive at the endpoint by a deadline. The deadline will allow LOTS of time for slowing/stopping to check the correctness of answers, retracing your steps to find an item, sightseeing, or just for personal reasons.

The restaurant has asked that we give them a headcount by Wednesday, June 23 so that they’re prepared for our group. So, please RSVP for each person that will attend. We have a link set up on at for registration. The usual BMW CCA waivers will also be available online through that system. If you aren’t able to get through the system on Motorsportreg, please contact Rick Talbot at to sign up. If you email to register, please list the names of the participants AND which end you will be starting from.

PLUS: BMW of Des Moines is offering one lucky driver a car from their inventory to drive for the day! They even have an i8 on the lot currently that they’d be happy to give a little road time. We’ll do a drawing that morning for the use of the car.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there for the rally!

Meeting time: 9:00     First car off approximately 9:30

Starting points: BMW of North Liberty: 525 N Madison Ave., North Liberty

BMW of Des Moines: 9631 Hickman Rd., Urbandale

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