Ed and Cecilia (Cece) Arnold


Denison, Iowa

BMW’s owned:

1971 2002(1976-1979), 1975 2002 (1979-1983), 1983 733i (1990-1994)

Currently owned:

Non-running 1972 2002 with Nissan 3.0 Turbo motor and 5 speed transmission, with spare Nissan Motor and Transmission; also have original BMW motor and 4 speed manual transmission. Recently acquired a running 1971 2002.

We purchased our first BMW because Ed needed a car to drive to work and wanted something unique and sporty. A friend’s brother had introduced Ed to a BMW 1600, which the brother provided a few exhilarating drives around Iowa City. The 71 2002 was a nice little car to drive, but with 120,000 miles, blue smoke and rust it, was time to trade. We then bought the 75 2002 from Otto Buwalda Imports in Ames. It was a beautiful orange, that I soon would turn into Hawkeye Old Gold and Black (one of the bigger mistakes in my life). When the jacking points rusted through, we temporarily got out of the BMW business. A few years later Ed came across a 733i with only 73,000 miles. Although not quick off the line, it was a real cruiser. From 70 to 90 mph, it was relatively quick.

Two favorite stories:

We drove the 75 2002 to French Lick Indiana one summer, with our 8 year old daughter Ellen, safely buckled in the back seat. French lick, the birthplace of Larry Bird, is a relatively rural area with seemingly unending two lane blacktop roads with little or no traffic and many 15-25 MPH curves. As Ed was running through the gears and using his best heal/toe downshifting technique, our daughter was enjoying leaning first left, then right. When Ed slowed down, Ellen suddenly piped up “Faster Dad, I can take it”. A sports car fanatic in the making!

One Christmas we had driven to San Antonio in the 733i. On the return trip, we encountered rain, then ice, then snow somewhere near Dallas. We drove the next 350 miles in the worst of driving conditions. I was so impressed with the handling and traction of this heavy real wheel drive car as we passed at 35 MPH four wheel drive SUV’s and other vehicles that had found the median or ditches. Even when we exited the car after 19 hour drive, it just didn’t seem that bad. In retrospect, I suspect it was because that car was so stable and comfortable.

Favorite Club Event:

At this point, we would agree that the fall drive to Hanibal was our favorite event; mostly because of the social interaction and driving. We also enjoy the monthly socials.

Dream Car:

1971 2002 all painted with a updated 1989-90 318i engine and 5 speed manual tranny, with some updated suspension, brakes, and electronic upgrades. I intend to have this car be my daily driver. Another story: last month as we were driving it to Urbandale from Marshalltown (where I had just bought it), I stopped for a short break at the Caseys in Bondurant. As I got out of the car, a young girl about 14 commented, “What a neat car!” That made my day and completely erased any thoughts of buyer’s remorse.

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