Food and BMWs

By Don Van Lengen

One of the great things that brings us all together into the club is our love of the BMW and once in the club there are a wide range of events to bring us together. Many of these events also have food as part of the event. Over the last few years I have had the pleasure to help out with making the food or finding a good place to try. I am a huge fan of food network and the cooking channel. Many of out trips to O’fest there will be several stops to try a Drive in, diner or dive or better know as triple D.

We have a rule on these trips, No Chain Restaurants period! Only local places. Many of these trips help me come up with something to try later on. Last year we stopped at Memphis for a few days. So out of this year’s longest day school I pulled in a bit of Memphis to share for the meals theme. We stopped at Rendezvous for ribs, Arcade cafe for Elvis’s fried peanut butter nana sandwich, and Uncle Lou’s fried chicken.

Out of this came the menu for LDDS:
-Dry rub (like Rendezvous) pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and a sauce inspired from uncle Lou’s called sweet spicy love.
-Baked Beans with smoked chopped pork.
-Sweet potato pie (like pumpkin, try it)
-My twist on the Fried pnut butter nana sandwich. Banana bread pudding with peanut butter cream, topped with candied bacon and peanut butter cookie crumbles.

I wrote up the recipes to share. It should be darn close. I don’t cook much with recipes, I make them up in my head as I go, so these should be darn close. Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Each edition of Newswerks, we are going to feature a new recipe of Don’s. We’re going to start with Maple Bacon.

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