Gaylen Fischer of Bettendorf

I moved to Davenport from Bismarck in 1972. I changed to Bettendorf in 1986. I stayed put. This is a good place.

A BMW is something else. David E. Davis, Jr. shared his thoughts about the 1968 BMW 2002 in Car and Driver and I was intrigued . To find myself but forty miles from Bicklehuapt Mercedes/BMW in Clinton peaked that interest. In 1974, they made me the owner of a lightly-used 1973 2002. That coupe was so obscure. Folks would approach to ask what sort of Benz it was. My usual reply was, “the only one that does not handle like a truck.”

I traded up to a new 1980 320i. Wow, this one had AM/FM/cassette and A/C also! But without limited slip, that one aggrieved me in too many winters, so I sold it in 1988 and drove 4X4 pickups and utilities until the urge for another sport coupe overcame me.

This 2008 335xi is it, topping its elders in terms of power, weight, agility, complexity, and sophistication not to mention cost. I drive it all year long.

I love steep mountains and twisted valleys with well-engineered roads connecting them. Take Old Idaho 7 from Orifino to Kendrick and you will find your Bimmer in its proper place.

I dream of taking a MacLaren F1 over the Beartooth Highway into the Sunlight Basin just before the first snow falls and all the other tourists are gone.

No, I do not want to own an F1! The taxman would lurk.

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