J&J German Car Show wrap-up

Known as Oktoberfest 4, it was the usual J&J event we have come to love. The formula never changes, a local band, great grilled food, and beer flowing keeps attendance up year after year. This year there was a special non-car competition, calling for all attendants to bring a side dish with bacon as the theme. There was bacon wrapped tator-tots, bacon mac n cheese, bacon explosion (google it), and bacon wrapped ribs to compliment the always wonderful burgers and brats off the grill. Early day wet weather pushed off and left the crowd with a beautiful Iowa afternoon to discuss the advantages of BMW, VW, and Audi machines. When all the votes had been tallied, 1st and 2nd in the BMW class went to E30s, with my track prepped E36 coming in third. I guess next year I’ll know which generation of 3 series to bring.

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