June Traditions

In our culture, certain things just come to mind when you think of June. Graduations and weddings are what many come up with first. But if you’re in the Iowa Chapter of the BMW club, there is another tradition – the Longest Dat Driving School!

Every June for the last decade-plus – which is most of the chapter’s existence – we have hosted a driving school at MidAmerica Motorplex near Council Bluffs. Veteran LDDS attendees know what to expect; Great fun in your BMW on the track, great camaraderie with your fellow attendees and chapter volunteers, and great food at our Saturday barbecue dinner at the track.

For those of you who have not tried it yet, here’s a little more on what you’ll encounter. MidAmerica Motorplex (MAM) is a wonderful track for learning more about high performance driving and car control. It’s very technical (that means there are bunch of turns, none of which look the same) and it has very low penalties for doing something wrong, unlike tracks that have concrete walls or a lot of ‘Armco’ steel barriers. This allows advanced drivers to work on new techniques with little consequences other than mowing grass, while novices will find it very friendly in getting their feet wet in this part of our club’s activities. We have added some new features to our classroom and on-track instructions, too – come check it out!

When does all this fun happen, you ask? Well, that’s pretty easy. Just visit LDDS homepage and you’ll find all the information you need. Our host hotel, where we also provide the Friday evening reception, is the Spring Hill Suites in Council Bluffs, phone 712-256-6500.

Final deadline for registration – Monday June 4th or sooner if the school fills up. See you at the track!

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