Kay Kretschmar Runge of Des Moines, IA


Kay Kretschmar Runge

Hometown (Where you live now):

Davenport and Des Moines, Iowa ( I have two homes in Iowa!!)

BMWs owned:

2011 X3 and 2008 X3

What made you decide to purchase your first BMW?

My dealer had a bright red 2008 X3 that looked so GOOD with my Iowa State Cyclone License Plates I had to buy it.

Do you have any fun stories about your car? (Where you purchased it. Trips you’ve made)

My dealer always is making want to try something new- like the X1. I drove it and loved the turbo charged engine!

What is your favorite BMW Club event and why?

I have not been to many events since I am in a plane for business so often but I love the dinners and lunches and the visits to the dealerships to learn about the mechanics of this fine driving machine. When I was coming on a new board, I found that another member was a guy I met at one of the BMW get together.

Do you have a dream car?

My dream car would be one with a driver!! Car Service is awesome!

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