Kevin Kraft of Bettendorf

BMW cars in the Kraft family:

2008 335xi coupe, which my wife drives, 2006 330Ci coupe, which I drive April through Nov., 2000 ///M Roadster, our Sunday driver.

My first BMW:

Many times over the years I had thought it would be fun to own a BMW, but it never amounted to more than that – a thought. Our first BMW was a red, 2004 328i that we leased new for my wife. Her son, who lives in Phoenix and owns a 5 series, was driving her somewhere one day and even as a passenger she remembered being impressed by the ride and handling. She came home and told me about it so when it was time for a new car for her, we compared the Lexus IS 250 and 350 to the BMW and felt there was no comparison. Lucky me, to this day she lets me drive her BMWs every Saturday morning fo fill the gas tank!

Favorite memories:

My favorite BMW memories are driving memories. In 2009 we drove the 335 to the Carolinas, where my parents live, for Thanksgiving. The anticipation of a longdrive on the open highway in a car with twin turbochargers was almost more than I could bear. Knowing myself like I do, I even invested in a $500 radar detector, which, by the way, got a lot of use in Kentucky and Tennessee. My other favorite memory is our roadster ride this year to Elkhart Lake, WI, for Oktoberfest. I bought the roadster – a real garage queen – in May 2008 with 15,500 miles and we’d never taken a long trip in it before. The weather was fabulous and of course once we got to Oktoberfest the friendships were even better.

Favorite BMW event:

So far my favorite driving event has been a BMW chapter high-performance driving event at Road America in early October. I’m really looking forward to other events though. Dream car: I’m just grateful to have wonderful cars now that I love to drive, but I dream about one day being able to afford a race-ready M3 from Fall Line Motorsports to participate in club or SCCA-sanctioned events. Not likely, I’m afraid, but that’s what dreams are for, right?

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