Large Group for This Year’s Karting Event!

Our second annual karting event kicked off on Sunday, May 20, with an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at the Decker House Hotel in downtown Maquoketa. The group in attendance there numbered 20 members and guests, and included several new faces.

After eating our fill, we departed for 61 Kartway, where we met up with additional participants bringing the total number to 28. With the large number, we were challenged to get multiple runs in for everyone, so we’ll need to do some fine-tuning for future iterations of the event—ideas and feedback on this will be welcome at the event planning meeting we’ll be having this fall. I’ve also discussed the situation with the track operator and they are willing to do what they can to continue to accommodate us—four run groups of six an hour is right about at the maximum they can accommodate us. A repeat of the event before the end of the season in October is also a possibility if there is sufficient interest.

Regardless, we put in a long afternoon on the track in near perfect weather. Between runs, fastest lap times were compared, with the best time just under 1 minute—an average speed of over 36 mph! Not too bad for something with no suspension to speak of and about 6.5 horsepower!

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