New Points System for the Club

Ready to win some great prizes? All you have to do is participate!

That’s right….just by attending events, you earn points which can earn you valuable prizes.

Here’s how the new point system will work for 2013:

Activities Points Earned
Attend your first event 5 points
Chair an event 10 points
Assist with an event 5 points
Write an article for the newsletter 5 points
Attend an event 1 point
Attend O’fest 3 points
Bring a potential new member to an event 3 points
Sign up a new member 10 points

Just make sure that when you attend an event, sign the sign-in sheet with the proper information. If you sign up a new member, make sure we are aware.

At the end of the year, points are added up and your name goes into a drawing at the Annual Meeting. The number of points you’ve accumulated during the year will indicate how many chances you have to win. In past years, one of the prize choices has been our annual drivers school at Mid America.

So…come on out to our events and have a great time. If you’d like to help or chair an event, please let a Board Member know.

See you at our next event!

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