Photo Rally April 2012

On April 28, the club held a photo rally which started at BMW of Des Moines who hosted a breakfast for the participants. Steve Downey of Garvis Honda was there to offer helmet-fittings for those who might need a new helmet for LDDS or other up coming performance driving events. Steve is offering the club a discount for all helmet purchases during 2012. Just let him know that you’re with the Iowa Chapter. We have a club discount available on Scorpion and HJC helmets. Contact Steve Downey of Garvis Honda, 1603 Euclid Ave, Des Moines. Phone: 243-6217.

It was a gray day but the rain never showed up. There was a pretty good showing at the dealership but not everyone could participate in the rally after breakfast. Several new members took advantage of the helmet fitting session to figure the appropriate helmet size they needed. Fred Bell tried out one of the helmets during the fitting session. We hope he didn’t buy that exact model, because new students at LDDS may be a little concern about someone with a crazy eyed clown on the side of their helmet teaching them how to take curves at high speed.

The folks who did participate in the rally seemed to enjoy the route. It ran from Des Moines to Indianola then east on highway 92 to S23. Then north to Carlisle, west to 65/69, south to Banner Lakes, back north to Des Moines and ending at Bennigan’s on Army Post near the airport. As you can see by the scores it was a tight competition. There was only one point separating first and second place. The point of this rally was to have fun and I think all the folks that participated did have a good time. Just remember that a negative score is no reflection of a person’s ability to be an effective president of the club. I can attest to the fact that he might have been too busy driving around his old stomping grounds to worry about his rally score.

This was my first Photo Rally to layout. Since I haven’t ever driven one before I think it turned out pretty well, short of my spelling abilities. I used examples from Jeff Daly who has done several photo rallies for the club. I might have to up the degree of difficulty next time so the point spread between first and second is not one point! If you have suggestions for future rallies send them to I promise I won’t make you do the next rally just because you gave a suggestion. But if you want to volunteer? We are always looking to improve events that the club hosts so your input is always welcome.

Also, we want to thank BMW of Des Moines for sponsoring such a tasty breakfast and hosting our starting point. It was a great addition to the favorite annual event.

Photo Rally Stats – Perfect Score 475

Rank Participant(s) Map Points Bonus Points Total
1st Ryan & Niki Smith Ok 343 26 369
2nd Cindy & Denny Dolmage Ok 352 16 368
3rd Fred & Alison Bell Ok 324 27 351
4th Jo Harvey & Crew Ok 279 16 295
5th Kip Bottenfield & Roger McGregor Ok 256 0 256
6th Kolin & Nicole Brighton + 1 Ok 196 13 209
7th Troy Markley & Nick -100 333 24 257
8th David & Becky Brighton -100 23 10 -67


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