Photo Rally April 23

By the time you are reading this, the snow should be melting and we are beginning to warm up to spring. This is the time to be thinking of the fun we will be able to have in just a few weeks with our upcoming Spring Fun Rally.

On Saturday April 23, the sky should be clear for a beautiful day of driving around the countryside of Central Iowa. What a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring.
With an emphasis on fun, this Rally is NOT a timed speed event. It is a fun leisure drive with a touch of a treasure hunt thrown in. It is best to have a passenger or more as there is a lot to see on this drive. It is recommended to have a navigator to help keep you on course and be that useful extra set of eyes on the look out for the event items – which can be a photo, a sign, or an instruction.

The drive will take about 2 hours. We will all gather at the starting point Grey’s Lake and you may begin at any time between 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. to sign the waivers and get our route instructions. As it is not a true timed event you may take as long as you wish to go over the route. You may even run the route a second time for those early starters if they wish, though they may be pushing the limits a bit. The point of the Rally is to relax by having a fun drive and not racing through the route. There is a requirement that you meet at our end point by 12:30 p.m. but only if you want to have your sheet scored or to win any prizes. This year’s Fun Rally will be a little different than our previous photo rallies. Many of you have proven to be real eagle eyes on previous rallies, so this year we will have a few “Bonus Sightings”. In addition to matching the photos with the sections of the route, we will have a few “observant moments” to see how much you were paying attention to the scenery. (This is why you don’t want to do this one too fast, you may miss something important).

Make sure we have your email address as updates will be sent in the email blast shortly before the event.

See you on April 23 for a fun drive. Until then, visit for more information or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for event updates!

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