President’s Column March 2012

BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine. Why did you purchase your BMW? There are many reasons, maybe for the design, maybe for the quality, maybe for the performance or maybe for the prestige.

Our Iowa BMW Car Club was organized over ten years ago for the sole purpose to establish high performance driving events for a few of the original organizers. And now, ten years down the road, we have established one of the premier High Performance Driving Schools in the country.

I can be positively assured, if you have never attended a High Performance Driving School, the thought that has often run through your mind while driving down the road is, “Man, I wish I could open this thing up to see what it can do.”

There is not a road in the world in which you can legally test the limits of your BMW’s performance or experience the limits of your driving skills. Our High Performance Driving School can improve your driving skills in many areas. In a fraction of a second, a good driver can process their car’s response to a number of adverse driving conditions and act accordingly to minimize the risk of an accident. We can teach you how to operate your car at its limits in a safe, controlled environment under the watchful eyes of our trained instructors.

Driving is the act of balancing the forces of nature; accelerating, turning and stopping your car; understanding these forces is fundamental to good driving skills.

Many people believe that you need a modified car to attend our driving school. The fact is a factory stock BMW is very sufficient for learning the skills we will teach at our school. A few years ago, we even had a showroom stock PT Cruiser attend, and the driver had a wonderful time.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Longest Day Driving School on June 8-10 this summer. More details will be in the May issue of Newswerks.

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