President’s Article January 2015

Although the faces of the National Board of the BMW CCA may be viewed in each publication of the Roundel, their duties and actions are probably not widely known by the 70,000 members of the BMW CCA. Our Club is divided into five geographical regions, and each region elects a Regional Vice President to help oversee each Chapter within that region. It is the RVP’s job to help promote and enhance the experiences of the members of the local Chapters and help create a direction and mission for the National Club.  Regional Vice Presidents are elected on staggering three year terms, so as not to replace the entire Board in the same election cycle. The office of the President of the Club is elected to a three year term.

In the January edition of the Roundel, you will receive your ballot for the 2015 election of President and North Central and South Atlantic Regional Vice Presidents. All members in good standing are eligible to vote for President and the RVP candidate in their region. Steve Johnson, current Executive Vice President is the lone candidate for President.

In our region, four candidates are running for the position of North Central Region Vice President; myself, David Brighton from Iowa, James Walters and Tim Beechuk from Ohio and Sean Hayes from Illinois. Each of the candidate’s statements will be published in the January edition of the Roundel. I feel it is important to read and analyze each candidate’s statement before casting your vote.

Like any election, it is important for each member to voice his or her opinion in electing the leadership who will determine the future of our club for the next three years. I hope you will take the time to fill out and return your ballot.

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