President’s Article July 2013

As in most volunteer organizations, the leadership of the club is always changing. One of the challenges to the current leadership is to find good folks who wish to dedicate time and energy to help that organization operate going forward. Since the inception of our club, there have been many capable and willing people who have helped craft our club into one of the premier clubs in the country. During the past two or three years, our Board of Directors has remained very stable and capable, but the time has come for some of our members to move on to other endeavors. Therefore, we are now in the process of looking to replace two very vital members of the Board. In the next few months, we will be looking to fill the Newswerks editor position and the treasurer position. The Newswerks editor position is an appointed position, but the treasurer position is elected by the general membership.

By accepting a position on the Board, you will be able to help steer and plan for the future of our club. One of the responsibilities of a Board member is to attend monthly meetings and to help with the functioning of the club through thoughtful insight. We hope that some of our talented and gifted members will step forward and indicate their interest in becoming a member of our Board. By doing so, you will insure the bright future of our club and help prepare new members for an exciting club membership. Board members may also be calling you on the phone to ask if you would like to serve in a position of leadership. If you are interested in either of our positions for the upcoming year, please contact me at

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