President’s Article May 2013

For many of us, the world is changing so fast we can hardly keep up with all of the new technological advances that have occurred in the past five years. As society changes, so does the demographics of our Iowa BMW Car Club. So in an attempt to stay current with modern trends, our club has spent a considerable amount of time in an attempt to maximize our “electronic footprint.” We have a wonderful website manager, Manoj Tomar, who has created one of the most admired BMW CCA websites in the country. Our social media manager, Nicole Smith, has spent many hours creating our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn pages.

For many of you, those things may not seem relevant to your lifestyle, but as a club, we must continue to grow and attract new members. In order to be visible to a younger generation, we must communicate in their language.

Many of you already know about Facebook and have a Facebook page. I will try to explain briefly what the other methods the club is using to communicate electronically. Twitter is a method of communicating small pieces of information quickly via a cell phone or computer. We will use Twitter to communicate our upcoming events. Pinerest is a photo sharing website and ours will have photos of our events posted. YouTube is a video website in which members can upload and view videos. We will use ours to post videos of our events, especially our action events such as driving school and car rallies. LinkedIn is a business website used to “network” with others and to communicate ones skills. Our club will use LinkedIn such as any business would to promote our club values and events.

I hope most of you will visit all of our electronic forms of communication soon. You can find a link to each of those directly from our website. Just click on the icon on the home page and you will be redirected to club website of each of those electronic methods of communication.

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