President’s Article November 2012

A little known fact about the Iowa BMW CCA is that attendance is recorded for each of our events. The club secretary records attendance of each of our events in the yearly club files, and once a year at our Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, we give away a major prize to a winner of the “member participation” drawing. Each time you attend an event, chair an event, write an article for the Newswerkz or bring a guest to an event, you receive an assigned number of points according to your level of participation per event. During our Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, one ticket per point that each member has totaled for the year is put into a box for the “Membership Award” drawing. The more points a member totals during the year, the better the odds of their name being drawn for the major prize. For the past several years, the winner has had the choice of a gift certificate for our Longest Day Driving School or one of our other major prizes.

As the Board of Directors has debated how to get new members involved and to promote a higher percentage of members becoming involved with planning and attending events, the Board of Directors has recently voted to revise the “membership participation points” system.

Since many of our members do not even know that this system exists, the Board of Directors has voted to change this system to make it more visible and positive for members to help plan and attend events. I hope that this system will have an impact on many of our members who are not as active as they might be if they had more incentive to participate in our events.

Here is additional information on this topic and about the new points system that will be put into effect for the 2013 year of events in this edition of Newswerkz.

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