President’s Article November 2014

Do you like the events and activities which are planned and hosted by our club?  Do you have events which you would like to see happen, or wonder why we don’t do an activity that we used to do?

Now is your chance to voice your opinion!  For several years now, our chapter has held an “annual members planning session” which we will discuss and plan the 2015 activity calendar.

The Board of Directors feel these planning sessions are very successful and give the Board ideas in which we put together a comprehensive yearly plan. The annual planning meeting will also encourage members to participate in planning our yearly events, to tie activities together and recruit activity chairman. We will once again be soliciting information and ideas in creating new and different activities, which might be interesting to our members. We will discuss which club events were successful and would like to sponsor again and which ones should drift into our memories.

All ideas brought to the meeting will be discussed on their merit, interest to club members and feasibility. We hope to have a large group this year, with many new and interesting ideas.

You are all invited to attend our “annual planning meeting” to discuss new and past activities.  Please bring information for us to discuss and help plan next year’s calendar.  This meeting will feature free pizza and conversation beginning at noon on Sunday, November 16 at Sam and Louis’s Pizza located at 86th and Hickman in Urbandale.  Hope to see you there!

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