President’s Column May 2012

The New Year is well under way now, and several Iowa BMW CCA events have occured since the turn of the calendar. In January, we attended an Iowa Energy basketball game. During February, we held our Annual Awards Dinner and in March the annual spring drive to Blakesburg occured.

In each of our 2012 events, there has been a recurring theme; new faces have been appearing at our events. Folks who have been member for several years but never attended an event are beginning to come and see what our Club is all about.

During the Annual Awards Dinner, I had the privilege to sit next to one of our members that was attending his first event. He admitted to me that my “what’s holding you back” article had made an impression on him and he made an effort to finally attend an event. I hope we made a good impression on him so that he and his family want to attend more of our events.

During the spring drive, we also had several members who were attending their first event. It was a wonderful event for “first timers” and hopefully that day of driving and dining made an impact on them to attend more of our events.

In my opinion, our annual planning meeting has made an impact on our membership and gives members ownership in the events we plan. I hope the trend of seeing new faces at our events continues and those “first timers” will come back again encourage others to do so.

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