President’s Column September 2011

During our most recent Iowa Chapter Board of Director elections in March, the highest percentage of change of new members was elected to the Board since this Club was founded. Is that good, or is that bad?

In any volunteer organization, whether it is the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, the Women’s Club or our Club, only about 10% of its members actually participate in its activities. Over the past several years, experts have done many studies on this subject and have created several hypotheses on this subject.

Our Club tries to offer many and varied actives to its club members, but this takes an enormous amount of volunteer manpower to create popular and well attended activities. In the past, it has been the Board itself that has supplied many of the volunteers that have created the manpower for organizing our events and activities. A new activity for our Club last year was an annual planning meeting, which was held to let the members of our Club help plan our events and to ask for volunteers in running the events. A whole year of events was planned with most events having a chairman for that event in place at the conclusion of the meeting.

Unfortunately, not all events were able to have a chairman named at that time. We are still in need of members to step up and volunteer their time to help create memorable events. If there is an activity or event that is interesting to you, please feel free to contact any Board member and let them know of your interest.

With the election of the new Board of Directors in March, we have created a tremendous situation in which only one person holds a singular position, instead of having that person hold several positions. There is energy and enthusiasm from the new Board with the duties spread out among new members. It is the most active and productive Board in my tenure. They are a pleasure to work with, and are very motivated to make things happen. If one of them calls you to ask you for some of your time, I hope you will consider chairing an event or consider helping with an activity.

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