President’s Column September 2012

As the world charges forward with new and advanced technological changes, few people or organizations have been left behind. If someone or something has been left behind in today’s advancing world, it is usually by choice, not by chance. In the organizations which I am an active member, each group is struggling with how to embrace new technological options that are available and how to embrace new technology and to encourage its members to accept the changes.

We here at the Iowa BMW CCA are no different. As the National BMW CCA continues to promote and use technology to create a more enhanced “club” lifestyle, our Board must determine which technologies to embrace and implement at the local club level.

I am happy to announce that the Iowa BMW CCA Board of Directors has voted to add an “on-line store” to our website in order to offer members the ability to purchase club merchandise via the internet. The “on-line store” will make more and varied items available to purchase through our website than what is currently viable. We are now in the process of determining which products will be available. Continue to check our website for updates and when you will be able to order new Iowa BMW CCA merchandise.

Another technology issue our Board is grappling with is the possibility of having the option to deliver “Newwerks” via electronic method if a member wishes to have it delivered in that manner. The Board has planned a six month timeline in which to study the options and to solicit feedback from our current membership on the plan. Since the National BMW CCA is now moving in this direction, they are offering these options to local clubs as well. With this option, each member would have the option of receiving “Newwerks” via electronic method, hardcopy (paper), or both. This change would involve a little work on the club members’ part to notify the Board as to which option they would prefer. It appears there could be a financial savings for the club as fewer paper copies would be printed. The Board would like to hear your opinion on this subject, please contact any Board member by email, phone or in person. Board members contact information can be found inside the first page of the “Newswerks.”

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