Spring Drive to Weston, MO- April 25-26 – UPDATE

Updated April 19, 2015

We are going to meet at BMW of Des Moines at 8, have a drivers meeting and leave around 8:15-8:30.

Lunch will be around noon, and we will arrive in Weston around 5-5:30.  There will be rest stops every couple hours.  Dinner will be at 7.

There will be a short drive Sunday morning around 9.


We are driving from BMW of Des Moines to Weston, MO.  Staying overnight at the Saint George Hotel, a site that was a stop on the Underground Railroad.  Having dinner and drinks at the Weston Brewing Company, part of the bar is in the tunnels used on the Underground Railroad.  More details on departure times as we get closer to April.

Beginning in 1845, The Saint George Hotel opened its doors to steamboat Captains, tradesmen, and travelers alike. Today, The Saint George offers an escape from the rigors of everyday life. It remains an historic destination, offering elements of comfort, relaxation, and the timeless serenity of small-town ambiance.

The Weston Brewing Company was first established in 1842 by German immigrant John Georgian. Georgian brought the tradition of lager brewing with him when he settled in Weston. The brewery was designed to utilize ice from the river during winter and lagering cellars dug deep into the ground to create ideal conditions for his beer which needed to be stored below 60 degrees for more than six weeks. In creating the brewery, the Weston Brewing Company became one of the first lager breweries in the United States.

We have reserved 10 total rooms at the St. George Hotel, 8 queen rooms and 2 king rooms.  Please make your reservation by March 23 and send an RSVP to Drew Hillman ( please cc: (  The un-booked rooms need to be cancelled by March 25, 30 days before the drive.  The hotel has a 72 hour cancellation policy if you book a room and your plans change.

The number to the hotel is 816-640-9902, mention BMW car club to get in the block.  The price is $125 for the queen rooms and $135 for the king rooms.

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