Street Survival – Iowa Speedway Oct. 12, 2014

Central Iowa Street Survival – coming up on October 12!

It’s nearly time for our usual fall edition of the Street Survival car control course in central Iowa – Iowa Speedway parking lot on Sunday October 12.  While it’s about 85 degrees as I write this, the next snow/ice day will be only a month or so after the Street Survival school. That means that there will be a whole lot of drivers out on the road who never learned (or forgot just since last spring!) what it’s like to make a car go where you want it to when surface traction is NOT what you want it to be.

Go to to register that 15-21 year-old driver in your family.  And if you’re a little more mature than that and you want some great training on car control in slippery conditions, go ahead and sign up anyway!  The teens get first priority, and there are usually spots available for other participants after that.

Street Survival is a full-day course that our chapter and Des Moines Valley Region SCCA provide to teens (and sometimes somewhat older…) drivers about car control.  The school also teaches better driver awareness on the road, and adds some skills about taking care of a car to help make your driving safer.  In addition to the alternating classroom and in-car sessions across the course of a day, students receive demonstrations about visibility from the cab of a semi, an airbag detonation, distracted driving simulator, and more.  If the basic Driver’s Education course can be considered like a high school class, Street Survival moves those basic skills up to college level and beyond. Parents and grandparents, this is one of the best gifts you can give to students.  Look for the Schedule/Registration tab on the Street Survival website.  Also, check out our Facebook page – go to Tire Rack Street Survival Iowa to see pictures and comments from recent schools here.

We need lots volunteers for event staff as well.  Please contact event chairman Harlan Donaldson (, chief instructor Bob Mullen ( or registrar Becky Brighton (  Or, just go to our event staff registration page on  Not sure how you can contribute? – call or email us about where you can serve.  Street Survival is a valuable community service, and you’ll even get a free shirt and lunch for helping out!

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