The Joys of Detailing

Hello fellow Motoring Enthusiasts and welcome to “The Joys of Detailing”! In this column, together, we will discover the fun and art of true detailing.

What exactly is detailing? Detailing is a very confusing term for most people. Too many times it is used as a generic term for simply cleaning, washing and/or waxing your ride. One of the best definitions that I have come across defined it as “the purposeful and systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of the vehicle”. Now some of us will find this definition to be rather intimidating. Simply put, while many of us clean our rides on a regular basis as in a weekly washing or a periodic wipe down of the interior, detailing offers a much more in-depth and long term enjoyable experience. Bottom line – this is much more fun and rewarding!

When we truly detail our ride, we are not only being sure that all of the cracks and crevices are devoid of any dirt or excess wax and dressings, we are also using premium products to achieve maximum protection and satisfaction. In addition to using the right products, the proper technique is equally important. Using the wrong technique can be just as damaging or disappointing as using the wrong products. In the end, the right product with the right technique will reward you with a ride that not only looks amazing but also has the long term protection that it needs.

You’ve probably noticed that after you spend time detailing your ride, it always seems to be that much more enjoyable to drive. The engine runs smoother, the shifting is quicker, the paint glows in the sunlight and all of the workings just seem to perform better. There’s just something about a well cared for ride that makes us feel good and enjoy the drive all that much more.

So, how do you get past all of the marketing hype to know what products really are the best? And, even with a premium product, how do you know the proper way to use it in your particular situation? All great questions. The wrong product or the wrong technique can actually do more damage than good. Therefore, in future writings, I will focus each article on a particular aspect of detailing to guide you in doing it yourself or in helping you to better evaluate what to look for if you prefer to have a professional perform the work for you.

As the seasons are once again changing, and as always, enjoy your ride . . .

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