BMW CCA Membership


You’ll find the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) a great family organization which will help you get more enjoyment out of your BMW while making new friends along the way. Becoming a member of BMW CCA automatically makes you an Iowa Chapter Member. There are no additional dues to pay for your membership in the Iowa Chapter.

Membership benefits include:

  • Free subscriptions to the national club magazine the ‘Roundel’
  • Free bi-monthly Iowa Chapter newsletter
  • Discounts on new BMW purchases with the Membership Rewards Program
  • Discounts on parts from participating dealers and private companies
  • National discounts from travel and service providers like Sprint. (See for details.)
  • Access to technical experts
  • Free classified advertising in Roundel, and the chapter website plus many other benefits!
  • Chapter events throughout the year.
  • New friends with a variety of interests including, of course, BMWs!


How do I Join?

If you are as enthusiastic about driving your BMW as we are about ours, then we want you as part of the Club!
Please visit BMW CCA website [new member section] to become a member. If you need help contacting the National Office, please call 1-800-878-9292.

The membership system automatically places you in the chapter for your area, according to zip code. If you’re an Iowa resident, registering on the national club website automatically gives you membership in the Iowa Chapter at no extra charge. If you live outside Iowa, just notify the national office that you want to be an Iowa Chapter member, and they can change it from the default chapter assignment to what you want. You can also be a member of multiple chapters for a nominal extra fee.

How do I Renew?

Former or lapsed members please call the National Office at (800) 878-9292 to reinstate your original membership number.

How Do I Change My Address?

To report address changes, please call National office at (800) 878-9292 or visit BMW CCA website. You will have to login to change your information. If you haven’t created a login lately you will need to do that before performing any of the membership services. You should then be able to change your address, add your cars into the database and renew your membership using a credit card.

Information updated with the National Office is forwarded to local chapters by National so there is no need to notify us separately of your changes.

We welcome and invite you to attend the many events we hold for YOU! We have a lot to offer and look forward to getting to know you.

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